Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moby Wrap Review

For my baby shower i had a cousin that was DETERMINED to get me a wrap/baby carrier or something of the sorts.  She couldnt find what she wanted before my shower SO she gave me $40 and told me to go out and buy one that i wanted.

Without doing a ton of reviews and searches i found the Moby wrap at Target for $39.99.  So i decided on the black one since it goes with pretty much anything.  When i brought it home and took it out of its nice rolled up package i got highly confused fast!  It was my first time EVER getting a carrier { yes i had 2 kids prior - but never needed a carrier }

First time i tried using it { my son was about a month to 2 months old }  i was completely confused and ended up doing it TOTALLY wrong.  So i decided to look up online for instructions on how to use it.  the instructions was ok and i understood but since my first attempt was a fail i decided to not use it.

So months went by of just using my hips to carry my son i decided at the next consignment days i would use my moby.  We knew we was going to be there for awhile and since my son hates being put down and hardly ride in a cart or stroller for long periods i thought the best bet was to try my moby.  My son was now 7 months.

Lets just say my SON loved it.  I on the other hand hated it.  my son hated that i had him facing me at first, he was curious and wanted to explore everything. so once i turned him around where he could kick and reach for things he was perfectly fine!

Why did i dislike it?  it hurt my back & shoulders after awhile.  The weight of my son on my shoulders caused me to strain which in the end caused my back to hurt.  Its also still difficult to wrap.  Its a LONG piece of fabric that you have to wrap around your body and then you have to carefully put the baby inside a certain spot and tighten and tie a knot.  Honestly i rather a regular carrier thats all together that all you have to do is snap a few pieces together and done!

Overall its not a product i would recommend to friends or family.

Do you have a wrap?  do you love it? hate it?   what are some pro's and con's you have about it?



  1. I love my Moby!!! When you don't wear them from the time they are small the strain can become to much. I have wore my DD everyday since she was born. My body adjusted to her weight and my muscles grew as she did. Now that she is almost two I do the hip carry. But if you care truly looking for a good carrier that don't hurt at all even wearing them for HOURS is an ERGO. I warn you now they are pricey. But sooo worth it. I bought mine used for $70 and it is the best thing I have ever bought. I wore my 33lb 22 month old on a 10k walk and nothing hurt. I have even wore her all around a mall.. I can ever carry my 4 year old in it. (She had a broken toe.)

  2. I was given an Ergo to review. I had no idea at the time those sucker went for over a hundred bucks. I LOVED it, but Em did better in the stroller.

    I wish I hadn't sold the darn thing because I know Whit would have loved using it for the baby. Good to know on the moby wraps, I had considered one of those, but think I would have the same issues.

  3. I love my Sleepy Wrap, which is the same deal. The only regret I have is not buying it sooner. I didn't get it til Caroline was 8 months old, and while I don't remember her exact weight at that age, she was wearing 12 months. It would have been perfect for her when she was a newborn because she LOVED being worn. I used it once during a tree lighting ceremony, and since it was cold, I put her inside it, and wrapped my coat around the both of us and she stayed SO warm. I also used it that winter for a walk through this place called Christmas Village. It's way too hot to wear in the summer, though.

    It's a lot more comfortable than slings are, since it goes on both shoulders and the weight is distributed evenly, whereas a sling puts all the weight on only one shoulder.
    I was intimidated at first with the whole wrapping thing, but I found it easy!

  4. I love wraps and I think you probably had it on wrong if it was hurting you.