Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tribute to Moms

As Mother's Day is fast approaching I've had a lot of time to consider my own mom as well as consider the kind of mom I am and the kind of mom I want to be. 

I was very lucky to have a mom who bent over backwards to ensure that my sister and I had everything she had to offer.  She worked long hours to put us through private school, but still some how managed to make it to every parent/teacher conference, school play and extra curricular activity I had.  I feel very close with my mom and know that I am very blessed to have her in my life and in the life of my children. 

My mom inspires me to be a better mom, spending as much time as I can with my children and telling them every day how special they are and how loved they are. 

Mother's Day also makes me think of what an awesomely difficult job being a mom really is.  Let's face it, as moms we clean up puke, poop, are up a million times a night, yet we still have an unmeasurable amount of love for our children in spite of it all.  Each new discovery, every smile and "I love you" makes it all worth it.  Not to mention as the years pass we can often look back and laugh at many of the things that at the time made us want to pull our hair out. 

So I want to send a big THANK YOU! out to all our moms out there.  Whether you know it or not, you are loved and appreciated beyond measure.  The more time and love you invest in your children the more they will thank you as they grow into adulthood and someday venture into the journey of having their own children.  You may not hear many thanks now as you are busy telling your children things like: "No! you can not have candy, you can not stay up late, you can not spend all day in front of the t.v",  "Stop that! We do NOT hit!",  "You can't go out and play until you're home work is done... right!", and "Eat your veggies, they'll make you strong", but I assure you that they will understand once they are grown with children of their own.  I know I certainly do.  lol


With love from all of us here at LeKe


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  1. How did I miss this??? I am not a very good #1 fan. Just stopping in to show some love.