Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Foam Hair Dye Review

Letica and I {Kelly} recently set forth to cover our funky colored bangs (her blue, mine pink that had faded back into it's bleached blond phase).  About a month ago we had both cashed in on a coupon for a free box of Clairol Nice n' Easy Foam Hair Dye in dark brown, but had put it aside for a day we both felt a desperate need for change.  Last night was it. 

Preporation of the dye:
Mixing wasnt that hard, just use the 1,2,3 method.  Only thing really needed on reading instructions was for how long to let it sit.  25 mins for normal hair, 30-35 for those stubborn greys.
Mixing the dye was easy peasy and no mess or fuss, though I have to admit I was anything but thrilled with the strong ammonia smell that made me feel slightly light headed and as though I needed to air out my entire living room, which is a fairly well ventilated area.  I would NOT suggest using this dye with small children in the room!


Application wasn't much different than using the usual liquid/gel dyes.  Squeeze the bottle and apply the foam, though I was slightly annoyed with how it took a few minutes to soak into your hair and the foam became a little messy toward the end of the bottle when it decided to shoot a little further than intended and make a tiny bit of a mess (luckily on the towel so my carpet survived unharmed).     


We both rinsed in the kitchen sink and thought we'd gotten it all and applied the conditioner and rinsed as the intructions said to do.  WRONG!  lol.  No harm done though, we just washed our hair as normal later that night and got the remaining dye. 


I liked the color, though it was a little darker than I thought it would be.  Wet it actually looks black as opposed to dark brown... not really an issue as I hardly leave the house with wet hair anyway.  All in all I wasn't really impressed with whole foam thing.  I think I prefer the liquid/gel dyes.   Or the ones with less of a smell to them.

~  Kelly & Letica   { yes we both had a little editing, writing into this! ;) } 


  1. I tried it (with my free coupon of course) and I wasn't overjoyed with it. It does come out much darker than the traditional dyes (thought it was just me). I did another foam one prior to this one and I had much better results. Loving the new blog!!

  2. I got this coupon as well but do not use box dye on my, i got it for my cousin. we dyed her hair and we both LOVED the results...But, I would only get it again if I ever get another coupon..and of course it would be for my cousin again! :)