Monday, April 18, 2011

Lets sprinkle a little green around! :)

Alot of us are talking about Earth day, since the anniversary is Friday April 22.  Here are some simple easy things you can do to make our Earth a little more green.

  • Recycle & cloth diaper.   Disposable diapers can last over 400 years!  YUCK!  Not to mention the chemicals they put into them & the cost in the long run! 
  • Search out & replace { eventually } all your appliances with the Energy star labels!  Me & my husband are currently seeking out to do this in our house!  Just imagine what your bill would be like if you replaced all the appliances with items that dont suck the life out of your house
  • Support your local farmers.  Another huge thing i plan to do this summer!  i have 2 local farmer markets i plan to visit often this year!
  • Replace all your light bulbs with CFL bulbs.  They use 75% less electricity and last alot longer!
  • Unplug un-needed appliances, cell phone cords, chargers, etc!  Even though your cell phone isnt charging the charger is still using energy! Make it easier, plug it into a power cord where a simple click of the switch to turn it off!
  • BYOB!  Bring your own bags to shop!  Recycle those bags! And best thing?  some retailers pay you to BYOB!  PLUS who wouldnt want to tote around that adorable little bag with hearts or polka dots! 
  • Teach ourselves and our littles to turn off the water when we are brushing our teeth.  Just 2 minutes of the water running waist 5 gallons of water PER day.  OH and fix that drip!!!
  • Recycle your eletronics!  5.5 billion pounds are being dumped.  Result?  Chemicals & heavy metals being dumped on our grounds.  Go to and type in your zip code!
  • Do full loads.  Wait till your dishes and laundry are full enough to do a full load!  If you do a little bit a a time your waisting water, energy and money.
  • Go paperless billing!  If your already online might as well have your bills go paperless!  Get email reminders and sometimes your banks will have bill pay!
  • Use eco friendly cleaning products.  There are some that you can get on sale at local retailers but there is also some that you can make at home with a little bit of baking soda, vinegar or ammonia

 Please share some of the things you plan to do OR are doing to be green!

~ L

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  1. I made a post about what I'm going to do to make things a little greener for us. :)