Monday, April 25, 2011

how i earn..

As a SAHM im always looking out for free things or things to help me earn a little cash.  Having a tad bit of money in my paypal account is nice when i find something for the kids i would LOVE to splurge on! Come on you know you all could use a extra bit of money, especially with gas prices now a days!

So im going to share a few things that i do to help earn some cash or free things!

First up there is swagbucks. Its a search engine where you search out anything to facebook, your email, common or uncommon phrases and earn points.  You can also do surveys, polls, watch videos & shop to earn points.   You can surf around the swagbucks swag store to find that special item you would love to get and then start earning the points till you get there!  I always use my points towards amazon gift cards!  Last christmas i literally had 100$ to spend on whatever i wanted on amazon and most items i got had free shipping!  Score for christmas!   IF your more interested in this and would like to sign up just use the link i posted, got more questions before signing up as away!  

here are some survey sites i do on a daily basis.

  • Inbox Dollars  - A site where you can watch videos, read emails, do surveys to earn cash.  Once you hit 30$ you can cash out and then you become a gold member and earn more points.  Refer friends and earn 10% of what they earn! 
  • Beezag  -  Another site where you watch videos to earn points.  Once you hit 8,000 points you can cash out.  I just started and i already have 4,476 points.  So points add up fast!  Refer friends and earn more points! 
  • Sending Earnings - is another site where you read emails and earn cash.  They are only a few cents but ads up pretty quickly! 
  • Opinion Outpost -  they send you surveys.  Some you qualify for some you dont.  i currently have 11$ in there right now but im waiting to cash out.  If you want once you get to 5$ you can turn it into a amazon gift card! 
  • Survey Spot - MY all time FAVE one.  Ive earned about 40+ $ already this year { YES i could do better BUT busy mom here! ;) }  Use to be where you cashed out a 20$ check and had to wait for it in the mail but now they just put it right into your paypal account!  Sweet! 
  • Toluna -  you go on the site about 2-3 times a day and vote, give an opinion and do surveys to earn points.  Get to 60,000 points and cash out.
  • Cant beat free - a new one that a friend introduced me to.  I still havent done much with it but you turn your points into vouchers or gift cards!

These are just some of my fave survey sites to earn money or freebies!   WHAT are some of yours?  Im always open to try new things!

~ Letica

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