Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring = Allergies

With Spring comes allergy season.  Many of us are suffering from the ups and downs as mold and pollin counts sway from the endless highs and lows as mother natures struggles to make up her mind on whether or not to continue her affair with Jack Frost or finally let that hot flash that's been nudging her to take over. 

The truth is that for many of us the only thing we can do is keep taking our allergy meds and do everything in our power to avoid what triggers us, while trying not to let our allergies run our lives. 

In the process of dealing with my own allergy issues and hanging out with my SIL (sister-in-law) and neices, I discovered something new.  One of my 5-year-old neices suffers from astma and was recently placed on a new medication, Cymbacort (sp?), which really worked out well and has gotten her astma well under control.  My SIL later learned that the fact that the medication starting working so fast and well meant something that intrigued me... her astma was being triggered by allergies. 

This may not seem like such big news to some, but as I do not have a child with astma, I really had no idea that allergies could have such a huge affect on it.  Up until my neice was placed on the new medication she was having to use her inhailer a lot more frequently than I've ever seen her have to before.  I also tagged along to the ER at least twice in the past several months when her inhailer turned out to not be enough.  

My neice isn't the only one I've noticed suffering from the effects of allergy season though.  My own 3-yr-old son and 10 month old daughter have shown signs of sharing my allergy issues.  Both have a constant runny nose... you know the kind a kleenex won't work on.  You'd be better off just hanging a bucket under their nose to catch it as it drips if only you could figure out how to attatch it.  lol.  

So here's to hoping Mothr Nature soon evens out and allergy season cuts us all a break.  Don't let your allergies get the best of you.  Try to enjoy the warm sunny days with a trip to the park or a nice leisurly drive (assuming you can afford the gas), because all too soon the that permanant hot flash will kick in leaving us all sweating our behinds off and turning up the a/c in hopes of some relief. 

Happy Spring! 


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