Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fisher-Price i-Glide Cradle 'n Swing

Fisher-Price i-Glide Cradle 'n Swing

Product Dimensions: 44 x 36 x 28 inches ; 20 pounds

My first review is going to be on my sons swing.  When i was out shopping for baby items while i was pregnant i knew i wanted a few things.  When i had my girls i was always annoyed with how many batteries my girls swings ate up OR how loud the reeling of the dial was, so my first thing i wanted was a swing that i could plug in!

When i found this swing i knew it was the one.  Not only does it PLUG into the wall it also glides and swings.  You can move the seat to face or turn it to one side or another.  It has nice foot petals that you can easily tap to either stop, play music or speed up or down.  There is also music volume & lights to show you how high the speed is.  You snap the bottom of the swing in to glide or unsnap it to swing.

The fabric is also super soft where i even wanted to crawl into the swing and nap!  Also easily take out to wash anytime there is a spill or accident on it!

Anyways when we brought home the box and started to put it together at first it was difficult to figure out cause it was in several different pieces.  But the instructions was a major help and was actually pretty easy to read.

When my son was born and brought home from the hospital it was the first thing he was put into.  He slept amazing in it.  You could swaddle him and still strap him in.

One of my issues was getting the baby in and out without hitting the little mobile on top. { WHICH btw my son loves watching all the time - its a little mirror with butterflies } but after a few attempts we figured out you can pull up on it and swing it to the side[s]

Now that my son is older its harder to put him in there.  It does come unsnapped from the glide option easily from the base if he kicks or moves as he has gotten older, as a smaller baby/newborn it didnt do it as easily.  But one feature i love about it not only does it have lap belts but it has shoulder straps, so that i can leave my 6 month old wiggly boy in it and not have to worry about him popping out.

One thing i dont like is its bulky and not space friendly.  You cant snap it closed so you can store it away when you have a ton of company over.  The base is pretty large and hard to move.  But other then that its not too terrible.

If i had to start all over again this would be one of my first choices on swings.  It was a little pricier but if you put your coupons together just right at Babies r us on somewhere online you could come out pretty reasonable and just think about all the battery $ you'll be saving!


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